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Alongside Strategy your Marketing plan is critical

You can have the best processses and business plan in the world but without an effective marketing plan you wont get the sales you need to make it all viable.
HS Business Management have assisted many clients across a very diverse range of business sectors to develop effective, appropriate and affordable marketing and brand campaigns. Our experienced marketing consultants help you plan your marketing strategy in a way that works for you. Each plan is unique to the business - there is no "shoehorning" you into a one size fits all "guaranteed success" marketing plan. Having said that there are a number of principles that are proven and that can be applied to most businesss types. Our experience helps us work with you to choose the ones best suited to your business.
  • Review
    HSI offer a Marketing Strategy Consultation to review your marketing strategies, and if necessary we will advise you where improvements can be made and assist you in developing a new strategic marketing plan.
  • Develop
    Let our marketing experts develop a strategic marketing plan to enable your product to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • Research
    Market research is key to understanding your customers and their needs. HSI undertake many different kinds of market research, see if any of our services could be of benefit to your business.
  • Brand
    Having a strong brand image can do wonders for attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. HSI has the expertise and tools to help create a powerful brand. See image below for an overview of the role of "The Brand"
  • NPD
    New Product Development. The marketing of a new product within a brand is urguably more important than the actual making of it! We have assisted many companies with new product, service development and developing companies and products into new markets.

Internal and external business implementation

Internal and external business implementation

Branding and its effect on business implementation

The graphic shows that getting your Brand right is absolutely central to your business. Get it right and everything flows from there, your internal stakeholders are on board with you which means that they can then work far more effectively with your customers - pre and post sale.

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