Investor Readiness

Make sure your company is investor ready

Despite the current challenging financial climate, it is still possible to secure significant investment to fund your business growth plans. Behind most of the negative stories to the contrary lies a simple fact - those businesses seeking investment weren’t in a position to reassure investors. They weren’t “Investor ready”.

The HS Business Investor Readiness Methodology is designed to maximise your chances of securing the investment you need. It is backed up by a team of business consultants with a wealth of experience and a track record in securing significant investment even in tough times.

How does it work?

Firstly the HSI business consultants are not a group of people with "theoretical" business, coaching or mentoring qualifications - they have real life, board level experience.

This means that they really do know how to make it work!

The program is a 3 stage process

investor readiness
Where are you now?
The first stage is an all day workshop with your senior management to assess and understand the current state of the business. It is a complete overview and objective top down assessment of your business by an experienced HSI Consultant. The result is a full A-Z report of your business. Many clients tell us that this process is incredibly valuable in its own right. This report then forms the basis of our second stage
Strategy creation - the investment readiness plan
Now we create a workable and detailed step by step plan to take your business from where it is now, to where it needs to be to secure the kind of investment you desire. It will include clear direction on what needs to change and valuable guidance on how to implement the recommended changes. When the plan has been enacted your business will be ready to move to stage 3.
Marketing the investment opportunity
We develop a comprehensive marketing toolkit for your business, which contains all the documents needed to make it easy for potential investors to assess your investment potential. It is no exaggeration to say that this document will increase the likelihood of getting the investment you are looking for.