Equality and Diversity

Diversity at HSI

This is a resource for those both internal and external to people to review the equality and diversity commitment, and statement at HSI. It aims to give details about what Equality and Diversity means to our company and people.

If you have any queries regarding the content or phrases used in this section of our website, please contact us by emailing: info@hsbusinessmanagement.com

It is the policy of HSI to recognise and encourage the valuable and enriching contribution made by all who work and learn here. We value the rights of all individuals who come into contact with the company such as prospective employees and job applicants.

We believe that people from a range of backgrounds and experiences can enhance the life and development of the company and that all individuals should be treated on the basis of individual merits and without prejudice.

HSI, therefore, aims to provide a strategic consultancy service which actively promotes equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination on grounds of age, cultural background, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation in both strategic consultancy and employment.

We will strive vigorously to remove conditions which place people at a disadvantage and will actively combat bigotry and discrimination. HSI expects all employees, and associated partner organisations to adopt this policy.

A copy of HSI’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy is available on request.