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If you want to grow your business in this economy, you need to become more aggressive and change what you have done in the past. Importantly you need to run your company with one eye on becoming investor ready.

Unfortunately, companies of all sizes are currently in panic mode, slashing expenses and letting go of employees to survive. They do not have the internal staff or experience to quickly implement the changes required for business growth in a difficult economy. That is where HSI and our business growth services come into action.

Geoff Hudson-Searle

Geoff Hudson-Searle is rated by Agilience as a Top 250 Harvard Business School authority, covering also strategic management and management consulting

I know change is a constant factor in business and you either embrace it strategically or it drives the business where it chooses – what outcome do you really want for your business?

I am a passionate and published thought leader on change, management and business. Constantly sharing interesting information, partaking or leading innovation round tables discussing management and people development, strategic growth and deployment.

I am always very conscious that it is understood that improvement is not just about making changes for the sake of change – it is about making the transformation sustainable!

What do we do?

We offer a range of business growth services that focus on developing your business and improving your organisation’s performance.

  • Evaluating a company's critical business growth factors
  • Adding value across the company's business strategy
  • Improving your financial health
  • Refocussing your marketing plans
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your sales process
  • Improving your operational efficiency

An HSI review provides you with a comprehensive and detailed improvement plan tailored to your individual business. It contains specific recommendations describing precisely what your company needs to do differently to maximize its business growth. Whether you are looking to take your business to the next step or prepare it for sale, our expert advice will help you get their fast.

Who do we work with?

We have successfully worked across many industry sectors. Our methodologies can be applied to any any business regardless of sector, however every industry sector has it's own challenges. It is our unique ability to listen and understand those challenges that sets us apart from the rest.

  • Medical software & devices
  • Research
  • Environmental services and power technologies
  • Financial Services
  • TV, Film and Media
  • Mobile technology, telecomms, marketing and apps
  • Recruitment
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Leisure

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